1. Class Changes

    Article: AN0002499Updated: 04.01.2024


    Class contains the Change entity of the IT (CMDB) model solution. This is an entity recording a Change that occurred on a Configuration Item and that is not captured in another way (e.g. Task). The goal is to register the Change that occurred, regardless of how it was authorized, so that the Configuration Database (CMDB) is up-to-date and the Solvers of any future Incidents have information about what happened. For planned Change Requests requiring approval, use the Change request (RFC).


    Location and referencing

    Location Code Name
    Model it IT
    Class changes Changes
    Parent class    
    Child classes    
    Script object OG.ClassDef.GetByCode(OGModel.Id, 'changes')
    OG.ClassDef.GetByCode('it', 'changes')


    Overview of class columns (excl. system columns):

    Code Name Type Link information Description
    affected-CI Affected CI Class link (multiple) Configuration items Configuration items that will be affected by the Change.
    cl_changes Workflow request - Changes Revers class link (multiple) Workflow request
    Automatically created column.
    code Code Text   Code of the Change to use in scripting or other references. It should not be changed.
    date Date Date and time   Date of performing the Change.
    description Description Text   Change description.
    environment Environment Class link (multiple) Environment Environments which are affected by the Change.
    files Files File   Attachments to the Change
    name Name Text   Name of the Change, a brief description of what has to be performed.
    rfc Request for change (RFC) Class link (simple) Change request (RFC) Change request (RFC), within which the Change is performed.
    solver Solver User link (simple) User Solver, who performs the Change.
    within_incident Within incident Class link (multiple) Incident Incidents, within which the Change is performed.
    within_problem Within problem Class link (multiple) Problem Problems, within which the Change is performed.
    within_project Within project Class link (simple) Project Project, within which the Change is performed.
    within_task Within task Class link (multiple) Task Tasks, within which the Change is performed.

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