1. Global search

    Article: AN0002277Updated:

    This page enables to search for text strings in columns marked in the property Enable for global search and displaying search results. Only those records are displayed, to which the user performing the search has access right Reading data list.

    The found records are split into sections according to the class/query, they belong to. The name of the section is composed of the name of the class/query with name of the model in parenthesis. In the grid there are columns enabled for the display in list. You can display record detail by clicking on value in the column Id of the corresponding grid.

    Each section contains no more than 50 records. If you want to find more record, display the corresponding class/query and use Quick filter.

    Search by time

    You can identify all the changes in records from certain date and time by means of Global search. Just enter date and time from which you want to see all the changes. If you enter also text the search will be limited only to records with the searched text.

    If the search is performed by a common user, class access rights are reflected. If the search is performed by Administrator, all the classes are searched.