1. Script object OG.DateTime

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    This object offers functions for work with date and time.

    Script functions

    Name Description
    bool IsYeasLeap(DateTime date) Function returns indication wheather a leap year.
    bool IsActualYeasLeap Function returns indication wheather the current year is a leap year.
    DateTime Now Function returns current date and time.
    DateTime Create(int year, int month, int day) Function creates a date.
    DateTime Create(int year, int month, int day, int hour, int minute, int second) Function creates a date and time.
    DateTime Create(int year, int month, int day, int hour, int minute, int second, int millisecond) Function creates a date and time.
    TimeSpan Difference( DateTime d1, DateTime d2) Function subtracts two dates and returns their difference.
    DateTime TodayStart Function returns beginning of the current date.
    DateTime TodayEnd Function returns end of the current day.
    DateTime YesterdayStart Function returns beginning of yesterday.
    DateTime YesterdayEnd Function returns end of yesterday.
    DateTime TomorrowStart Function returns beginning of tomorrow.
    DateTime TomorrowEnd Function returns end of tomorrow.
    DateTime ActualYearStart Function returns beginning of current year.
    DateTime ActualYearEnd Function returns end of current year.
    DateTime ActualMonthStart Function returns beginning of current month.
    DateTime ActualMonthEnd Function returns end of current month.
    DateTime ActualWeekStart Function returns beginning of current week.
    DateTime ActualWeekEnd Function returns end of current week.
    DateTime ActualQuarterStart Function returns beginning of current quarter.
    DateTime ActualQuarterEnd Function returns end of current quarter.
    DateTime PreviousMonthStart Function returns beginning of previous month.
    DateTime PreviousMonthEnd Function returns end of previous month.
    DateTime NextMonthStart Function returns beginning of following month.
    DateTime NextMonthEnd Function returns end of following month.
    DateTime PreviousWeekStart Function returns beginning of previous week.
    DateTime PreviousWeekEnd Function returns end of previous week.
    DateTime NextWeekStart Function returns beginning of next week.
    DateTime NextWeekEnd Function returns end of next week.
    DateTime PreviousQuarterStart Function returns beginning of previous quarter.
    DateTime PreviousQuarterEnd Function returns end of previous quarter.
    DateTime NextQuarterStart Function returns beginning of following quarter.
    DateTime NextQuarterEnd Function returns end of previous quarter.
    DateTime PreviousYearStart Function returns beginning of previous year.
    DateTime PreviousYearEnd Function returns end of previous year.
    DateTime NextYearStart Function returns beginning of following year.
    DateTime NextYearEnd Function returns end of following year.
    DateTime Previous3Weeks Function returns beginning  before 3 weeks.
    DateTime Next3Weeks Function returns beginning  after 3 weeks.
    DateTime Previous3Months Function returns beginning  before 3 months.
    DateTime Next3Months Function returns beginning  after 3 months.
    DateTime Previous3Years Function returns beginning  before 3 years.
    DateTime Next3Years Function returns beginning  after 3 years.

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