1. Script window

    Article: AN0002191Updated: 21.09.2018

    The script window is used for a quick script testing and can also display the results. You can also execute here a script for data update without having to create an auxilliary button for defining and executing your script.

    This function is available for administrators and you can launch it from MENU / Administration / Information about application button Script window. A large input window for your script will be displayed.

    You can write auxilliary outputs into the log or display them in the screen by means of method OG.Log.Print. This method writes the text in the bottom part of the page when called from the Script window. Therefore, you do not need to search for the results in the log but you can display them immediatelly.

    You can use all the functions and methods of the OG object in the executed script.

    You can use also script blocks in the script. They just need to be defined at the beginning of the script.