1. OGWorkflowSeqResult

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    The result of web service call for workflow.


    Data type Property Description
    int? WorkflowSeqRunId Id of the workflow instance.
    int? WorkflowSeqRunState Id of the status of workflow instance.
    string Message Message.

    Property WorkflowSeqRunId is set up only when calling method RunWorkflowSeq.

    Property WorkflowSeqRunState is set up only when calling method GetWorkflowSeqState.

    Property Message is set up by method CallEvent

    List of workflow statuses

    Value Name Description
    0 Running Workflow is running at the time.
    1 Finished Workflow was already successfuly finished.
    2 Canceled Workflow was cancelled by the user.
    3 Failed Workflow terminated with an error.
    6 Paused Workflow is suspended.