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    This page enables to activate workflow events created by activity Event by means of a simple HTTP request. Events can be activated by a user that is logged in. There is no need for a speacial role for that. In order the event is activated in this way, the activity has to have checked Enable HTTP calls.

    Pro aktivaci události je třeba v URL nastavit tři proměnné:


    Name Description
    code Event code
    typeCall Call type
    id Id of the workflow or workflow instance.

    Property code has to match with event code in oder that the event is activcated.

    Property typeCall is type of the call:



    Value Description
    0 Only events for one particular workflow instance are activated.
    1 Only events for one particular workflow over all its versions are activated.
    2 Events over the whole ObjectGears instance are activated.

    Property id is id of the workflow or a single workflow instance. The meaning depends on the property typeCall.


    After finishing the activation there is a text informing about activation success or failure returned in the page content:


    Value Description
    OK: Event x The call was successful. X events were activated.
    ERROR: x There was an error in the call. Error description is x.

    Call examples

    Call example for event activation for a single workflow instance id 123:


    Call example for event activation for all instance of workflow with id 25:


    Call example for event activation over the whole ObjectGears instance: