1. First start of the system

    Article: AN0002022Updated: 21.04.2020

    After configuring the system do not postpone the first start of the web client. At the first start the screen for creating a new (first) user appears. ObjectGears does not use any built-in (in advance known) account due to security reasons.

    The first user shall be considered an administrator. You can deactivate it later on. However, it is necessary to set further system properties with this account. You can choose a temporary account or use a real employee account that will be administrator also in future.

    When filling in the data py attention to the field Account and let the field Login is enabled checked on. We recommend to select also language in which the application will be displayed to the user.

    State the account defined in the field Account in the configuration file web.config (parameter AdminLogins). This assigns administrator rights to the first user you are creating.

    After filling in and clicking on button SAVE, the first user is created. After logon (depending on web.config settings by means of name and password or automatically by means of Windows authenticaton) the new administrator can start setting up the system.

    Note: If you have set Windows authentication in MS IIS pool and Windows form pops up for name and password when going to ObjectGears web, your browser is probably not set up for automated authentication. If the server with ObjectGears web is in your intranet, you can set automated login in intranet zone in your brower. In your browser state the server with ObjectGears web among servers located in intranet.

    Server with ObjectGears has to be stated in Trusted sites (Local intranet) for a proper function of application.