1. Solver tasks prioritization

    Article: AN0002017Updated:

    ObjectGears users working in particular processes have a single task queue at disposal, that sets current priorities to each of them no matter he/she is working on catalogue requests and user calls, incidents and problems, taks or he/she participates on testing or defect removal. The priority is determined by the target resolution time of each particular item. The way of this time calculation differs at particular item types - e.g. catalogue request has set time for resolution in its parameters, target resolution time of an incident is set by its impact and urgency and target time for a task is determined by an agreement or by managerial decision.

    Apart from work on the task queue the staff creates articles in the Knowledge Base reflecting knowledge that needs to be shared and kept for future organization needs. Users also plan actions in the Work schedule in order that overlaps with other planned actions or delivered services are identified in time. The other activity represents maintenance of Configuration database.