1. Scripts and functions in model

    Article: AN0002012Updated:

    Scripts can be used in several places in ObjectGears system. E.g. at classes, queries, webparts, workflow, application events... Sometimes it is necessary to look up a part of a script over the whole system because we do not know where it is used. For this case there is page Scripts and functions in model. It is available from the main menu Administration / Models / Scripts and functions in model or in model context menu.

    Examples of use:

    • you want to change code of an object and need to verify, wheather it is used anywhere
    • you want to delete or change specification of a function and need to verify, wheather it is called somewhere
    • you want to find out where certain script or function are used
    • you want to find a part of script and used it elsewhere
    • ...


    In order to search select model and text that you want to find. Then start the search. There is description of skript location displayed in the results with link to the given object and script with highlighting the searched text.

    The precise match of the text, except for the case, is used during the case. Be careful especially with signs of space.

    User with role Administrator can search all the modelsůže prohledávat všechny modely. Combobox for model selection may be empty. User with role IT Owner has to select a model, in which the search shall be performed.