1. Deadline counter

    Article: AN0001959Updated:

    The webpart displays one or more counters with time from/to the input time. The input date can be determined in the webpart or can be taken over from a class records. The user observes on line time count on the page.

    Time is count as a difference between current time and value input in the webpart or value from a class.

    Count types

    Count can go down (the date is in the future) to 0. Then the count down stops. The second mode counts up (the date is in the past).

    Use the decreasing count in order to display remaining time till a certain event (time to end of...). Use the increasing count in order to display time since a certain event (e.g. from releasing a new version, opening a new branch...).

    Data source

    This webpart enables to input a single value together with a title and description.

    The other possibility is to input a class, which contains stored data. The webpart then reads all undeleted records from the class and displays them in a form of a table in couple of columns. This mode is suitable for a transparent mass display of more values.