1. Model Requests

    Article: AN0001817Updated: 04.10.2018

    This model deals with user requests. It represents Service Desk portal, over which the users submit catalogue requests or reports problems, that they encounter. These problems reported by users my lead to incident or change request creation, that are treated in model IT (Operation layer). The model solves processes of Request management and touches Incident and Change management - ITIL version 3 (see official ITIL website, ITIL on Wikipedia).

    Users can access also KnowledgeBase via this interface.

    The look of the user portal is always adjusted in order it reflects needs, specifics and culture of the respective organization.

    This model contains two basic entities: User reported problem and Catalogue request.

    User reported problem is taken over by Service Desk staff, that will solve it, return to the user with an answer or request for details or pass it over to a specialized solver group. While solving it, it can be found that an incident shall be created or this user problem may lead to creation of Request for Change - RFC. These user problems are classified by Category (URP_category) and Subcategory (URP_subcategory). The course of solving is stored in class History of user request (URP_flow). When creating the record the user defines Failure impact (URP_impact) which ranges from a single user, over group of users, the whole branch/unit to the whole organization.

    The catalogue request is defined by the Category (Request_category) and Subcategory (Request_subcategory). Based on selection of these values the user may be invited to enter other values or details. Based on Subcategory the Solution team may determined automatically in most cases. Course of the solving is stored in the class Request history.