1. Programme and portfolio management

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    Larger organizations with many projects need to control besides particular projects also their groups (programmes), that aim to realize longterm organization objectives, and portfolios, containing programmes and projects, that are prioritized according to the organization targets.

    Following picture represents a simplified view on project, programme and portfolio management.

    There are portfolios, containing programmes and projects selected according to their accordance with organization strategy, on top of the pyramid. Base on decision on this level programmes, that target on achieving certain goal, are sponsored. At the bottom of the pyramid there are projects representing a tactical level. Their objective is delivery of some output within scope, buget and time.

    Únlike programmes, projects are not owners of strategic initiatives, but take over inputs from programmes and develop and implement tactical plans. Projects are evaluated from the perspective of meeting the scope, budget and planned time, programmes from the perspective of meeting strategic objectives.

    Relation between projects, programmes and portfolios can be, however, more complex. Following picture shows concept of their relations in the fourth editio of PMBOK.

    ObjectGears covers these requirements by the following class design enabling to capture also portfolios consisting of both programmes and projects, portfolios of portfolios or strategic programmes containing lower level programmes.