1. Model: IT - Configuration Database (CMDB)

    Article: AN0001804Updated: 02.06.2021

    This is a complex model for capturing IT elements and their relations. The model represents ObjectGear Configuration Database (CMDB) and captures entities from the datacenter layer, over hardware, network layer, servers, applications and data, over ITIL services, supported business processes, operations layer (Incident and Problem management) up to project layer (Change management). The model supports also testing process or BIA.

    The model contains entities divided for clarity into twelve layers.

    There are layers containing configuration items (e.g. applications, servers, databases) and relations between them and layers working with these items (Project management, Change and Release management, Incident and Problem management, Financial management, Management of human resources ensuring projects and processes).


    Layer Description
    Financial layer Financial layer contains cost models and classes solving financial aspects of the configurations items basis and relating processes.
    VHuman resources layer Layer of human resources takes care of the staff ensuring operations and realizing projects or individual changes.
    Projekct layer Project layer takes care of the Project management, Change and Release management and Test management.
    Operations layer Operations layer takes care of the Incident and Problem managament.
    Process layer Process layer contains business processes of the organization supported by the configurations items basis.
    Service layer Service layer contains Technical and Business services and service requests to external partners.
    Application layer Application layer contains applications, application components, interfaces and their relation to databasis and systems.
    Data layer Data layer deals with databasis, database servers, master data and data entities.
    System layer System layer deals with servers (operating systems), file systems, certificates, Active Directory items, local groups etc.
    Network layer Network layer deals with network segment, application component communication etc.
    Hardware layer Hardware layer deals with devices, peripherals, components and data storage.
    Datacenter layer Data center layer deals with buildings, rooms, racks and device placement.


    Following picture shows the basic relations of these layers. Entities of the lower part of the picture are defined as configuration items. They are then referred by entities of the upper part of the picture.


    The main relations between configuration items of the particular layers are show hereinafter.

    When implementing ObjectGears this model is always revised together with the customer in order the model is adapted to the customers situation and needs as much as possible, no matter it is simplification of the model or modifying and adding new areas, that have to solved in another way.

    Particular configuration items are linked each to another by means of references to another records. Configuration items may be also linked to articles of the Knowledge base. When analyzing and incident or planning a change the solver has then not only information about related configuration items, previous incidents or performed changes but also about articles containing knowledge about these configuration items.

    Configuration database and proces Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.