1. Model: EasyTask

    Article: AN0001803Updated: 24.01.2021

    ObjectGears system is provided with a ready-made tool for an easy task management having these features:

    • Simple task management in smaller teams.
    • Particular tasks are assigned to projects to which they belong. They are classified from the perspective of area they relate to, they are prioritized, marked with a requested deadline for resolving and assigned to a particular solver.
    • The tasks go through certain statuses, that desscribe their life cycle phases (typically from creation, over approval for development, assignment to testing and closure).
    • Files can be attached to the tasks.
    • Email notification is sent to the assigned solver after each change in the task.
    • Tasks can be filtered by various criterions.
    • Access rights, screen look and other functionalities can be easily customized according to customer needs (ObjectGears platform advantage).
    • Audit trail - all the changes can be traced back (who and when changed what).

    Used objects

    Object type Object name Object description
    Class Task Records of tasks.
    Class Category List of task categories
    Class Priority List of task priorities
    Class Project List of projects to which the tasks belong.
    Class Status List of task statuses.
    Class Version List of versions to which the tasks relate to.


    Role ObjectGears role Use cases
    User EasyTask - User Enter tasks and update them according to the work course, assign new solvers.
    Administrator EasyTask - Administrator maintain list of projects, task statuses, priorities, versions etc.


    Course of the task lifecycle is displayed in the following scheme.


    Users can see overview of the tasks. They can filter tasks e.g. according to status, assigned person, project etc. Tasks, that are assigned to the current user or that are in a special status, are highlighted.


    After displaying task detail the user can see history of the task, can display or append attachments etc.


    After performing a change in the task an email notification is sent to the solver, to which the task is assigned, with stating basic task information and link to the task. Notification definition is shown in the following picture.

    This model demonstrates basic ObjectGears functionalities and possibilities of a fast effective application development on this platform. Creation of this model is described in chapter Case studies.