1. Export

    Article: AN0001768Updated: 16.10.2018

    System ObjectGears data can be exported from the system in various formats and coding by means of Export functionality. Export can created and modified by the IT owner of a model or administator. Access right to run the export can assigned to a user role and link it e.g. to a button.

    Export created in this way is an ObjectGears object of data type Export.  Therefore, we can work with it further in several ways:

    1. within user interface (jobs, workflow, rules etc.)
    2. by means of scripts
    3. by means of web services
    4. by means of URL call


    - Data export from the class record overview

    Besides abovementioned possibility to create export, there is also possibility of a simple export of the class data into Excel by means of Export icon available on the page with class record overview. This icon opens Excel and exports into it data fom the grid displayed to the user.


    Process of creation data for export can be influenced by means of procedures and scripts. Both possibilities can be executed before or after reading data for export. Execution before export can be used to prepare  data into tables, from which export will read. Excution after export can be used to perform deletion, update or other operations.

    You can use following properties for script execution:

    Object Description
    Export OGActualExport Export that is executed.
    ExportRun OGActualExportRun Currently executed export instance.
    OG Common object for scripts.
    ExportContent OGActualExportContent Content of the export. This object is available only in the script After export end.