1. Object SaveOptions

    Article: AN0001748Updated:

    This object contains settings of DataRow record saving.

    Object properties 

    Name Description
    bool ContinueWithoutSave Indication, whether the record shall be saved or skipped.

    When property ContinueWithoutSave is ste to FALSE, the record DataRow will be saved into the database.

    When property ContinueWithoutSave is ste to TRUE, the record will not be saved and all the following rules will be skipped (will not be performed). This setting enables you to perform something different than record saving.

    Setting has to be performed in rule Before record saving.


    In the capacity planning module the record that is already approved is not changed in any way at editing and subsequent record saving. Instead of that a completely new record is created and values that the user entered for the original record will be copied into it.

        //set the values to be saved for a completely new record and the original record with status 3-Approved is not affected
        OGSaveOption.ContinueWithoutSave = true;

        //create a copy of the record with status 1
        var dr2 = OG.DataRow.CreateNew( OGActualDataRow.ParentId);

        dr2['approver'] = OGActualDataRow['approver'];
        dr2['comment'] = OGActualDataRow['comment'];
        dr2['m01'] = OGActualDataRow['m01'];
        dr2['m02'] = OGActualDataRow['m02'];
        dr2['m03'] = OGActualDataRow['m03'];
        dr2['m04'] = OGActualDataRow['m04'];
        dr2['m05'] = OGActualDataRow['m05'];
        dr2['m06'] = OGActualDataRow['m06'];
        dr2['m07'] = OGActualDataRow['m07'];
        dr2['m08'] = OGActualDataRow['m08'];
        dr2['m09'] = OGActualDataRow['m09'];
        dr2['m10'] = OGActualDataRow['m10'];
        dr2['m11'] = OGActualDataRow['m11'];
        dr2['m12'] = OGActualDataRow['m12'];
        dr2['project_resources'] = OGActualDataRow['project_resources'];
        dr2['resource'] = OGActualDataRow['resource'];
        dr2['total'] = OGActualDataRow['total'];
        dr2['year'] = OGActualDataRow['year'];