1. OG data type - ColumnClassDefUserSet

    Article: AN0001668Updated: 17.10.2018

    This object stores instance of the column (ColumnClassDef, that cannot be changed, because it is shared over the whole ObjectGears application) and provides properties for set up before display in the detail form (DataDetail.aspx).

    The object is available in scripts in the class and query, where you can modify columns in the events OnAfterLoadColumns and OnPreRender in DataDetail.aspx display.

    The object is available on page Datas.aspx in the event OnLoad.

    Object properties

    Name Description
    object ColumnUI Control for displaying column data in the detail form.
    ColumnClassDef Entity Column instance - cannot be changed
    bool IsName Indication, wheather there is another name set by a script (by means of property Name).
    bool Mandatory Příznak zda je sloupec povinný. Lze jen nastavit, nikoli zrušit.
    string Name New name of the column in the form.
    bool ReadOnly Indication for setting up the column for read-only.
    TitleItem TitleUI Control for displaying the title in the detailed form.
    bool Visible Indication for displaying / hiding the column.

    It is possible to set column properties ReadOnly and Visible in scripts. However, you cannot enable the column for display or editing, if this is disabled directly in the column definition. The column can be only hidden or disabled for editing.

    If you want to control columns by scripts fully, you have to enable the column for insert and editing and display it in the form or records overview.

    Use the indication Mandatory, if the column shall be mandatory only in some cases. Leave the column non-mandatory in the column definition and set its mandatority by a script according to the needs.