1. OG data type - ColumnClassDefList

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    This object is list of objects ColumnClassDef.

    Object properties

    All functions relate to the list of objects, over which the function is called.

    Name Description
    ColumnClassDefList GetByIds(List ids) Function returns list of columns according to defined IDs.
    ColumnClassDef GetColumnByCode(string columnCode) Function returns the first column of the input code. Case of the code characters is ignored.
    ColumnClassDef GetColumnByCode(int parentId, string columnCode)

    Function returns column according to the input code and parent object ID. Case of the code characters is ignored.
    Function is suitable for going through columns of class that that uses inheritance. Only columns belonging to the input parent object are searched.

    void DeleteSystemColumns() Function deletes all the system columns from the list.
    void DeleteColumnsByType(ColumnType columnType) Function deletes columns of the input type from the list.
    void DeleteColumnsWithNotType(params ColumnType[] columnTypes) Function deletes columns columns except for input column types from the list.
    ColumnClassDefList GetByType(ColumnType type) Function returns list of columns according to the input type.
    void SortByName() Method sorts the columns according to the name. Use the method only for your column collections, not for collections returned by OG system.


    Do not delete nor change the order in the list of objects returned by ObjectGears system. These objects are cached and you can violate stability of the whole system by their change.