1. Record templates

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    Templates are used for a fast creation of repeatedly created records. User prepares the template in which he/she sets required values into columns. Such record will then be saved as a template. User can use this template for creation of a new record that can be adapted or saved as it is.

    User can create whatever number of templates. The template is available only for the user that created it by default, but IT owner can set it as global one. Then this template will be displayed to all the users.

    Enabling templates

    In order to use templates you have to enable them first in the class by means of option Enable templates.

    Template creation

    In order to be able to create a template,  templates have to be enabled in the class.

    1) Display a new record for class.

    2) Set its values according to your needs.

    3) Go to the button Save in the toolbar. In the displayed menu click on Save as template.

    4) Define name of the template.

    Using template

    1) In the list of records or in the record detail move mouse to button New. In the displayed menu click on the name of the required template.

    2) New record with pre-filled values according to the template will be displayed.

    3) New record can be adapted or saved with button Save.

    4) If you want to adapt the template, move the mouse to button Save. In the pop up menu click on Save as template.

    5) The name of the original template will appear in the displayed dialogue.

    6) In order to create a new template change the proposed name.

    Template administration

    There are 10 templates displayed under button New. If the user has more templates available, he/she can access other templates by means of an operation button (cogged wheel in the upper right corner) and option Template....

    You can display template detail by clicking on value in column ID.

    You can create a new record in the class with a predefined template by clicking on text New.

    You can delete the whole template by clicking on the icon at the end of the line.

    IT owner can change the value in column Global and by this determine availability for all the users.

    Template detail

    There is list of values for particular columns displayed in a template detail. You can check the values but you cannot change them.

    Clicking on icon at the end of the line you can delete settings for a single column.