1. Column type Value from a referenced class (various classes)

    Article: AN0001618Updated:

    This type is used for storing a reference to values from more class. The column can be defined as a reference to one or more records from the given class.

    In the column you can define list of classes, from which user can select records. The classes can be added or removed whenever needed.

    By removing a class from Enabled classes, references to records from the removed class will not be deleted. Users will just not be able to add new references from the removed class.

    Enabled classes do not have to have any relation between each other. This is a crucial difference against column Value from a referenced class, where all the references have to be from a single class.


    Name Description
    Reference type It determines, wheather one or more values will be selected in the column.
    Enabled classes Classes from which the referred records are selected.
    Mode of displaying more references in the lists It determines, whether the references shall be separated by a comma or whether each of them shall be stated in a separate row.