1. Column type Reference to another class

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    This type is used for storing a reference to values from another class. It can be either a class created by a user or the internal ObjectGears class containg users. The column can be defined as a reference to one or more records from the given class.


    Name Description
    Reference type It determines, wheather one or more values will be selected in the column.
    Reference to a user It determines, wheather the reference will be to ObjectGears user.
    Referenced class If ObjectGears user is not referred, it determines class, from which referred records are selected.
    Class for record restriction

    It determines class, that will be used for limitation of record selection. If reference to a single record is chosen and the referred class refers to another class, to which class, in which we define the reference, refers in another column, this class is offered here.

    Order according to the column It determines column from the referred class, according to which records iń the control for selection will be ordered.
    Ascending order It defines ascending/descending order of the records in the referenced class in the selection.
    Redirect to page It defines page, to which the user will be redirected when clicking on the link in the column. If it is not filled in, the user is redirected to the detail of the referred record.
    Name of the variable for ID in url It determines name of the variable in the URL link containing Id of the record that shall be displayed in the page.
    Number of displayed records When referring to more records it determines number of records displayed in the control, i.e. the height of the control.


    You can find further information and examples in Examples and recommended techniques: Use of column of the reference type.

    Tab reference

    It is possible to define a filter in the tab Reference for restriction of displayed records. When using the filter we recommend to check also property Selection in the Search form.

    At the same time you can select columns that will be displayed in the Search form. If you do not select anything, only short description will be displayed.

    Name of the variable for ID in url

    If you set column Redirect to page, you have to also fill in Name of the variable for ID in url. This is used for creation of an address, to which the user will be redirected when clicking on the reference in the list of records or in the record detail form.


    Redirect to page = page with ID 10

    Name of the variable for ID in url = xyz

    Id of the record in the class, in which the link is displayed = 30

    The result url will be: