1. Image administration

    Article: AN0001570Updated: 03.10.2018

    Image administration enables to manage pictures stored in folder ImagesData. Administrators can refer to these images in the administration (model, class, buttons...) and common users in column of type Picture.

    Image administration enables you to optimize number of pictures on disk by deleting those that are not used or to transfer links to pictures in a new location when the folder structure is used.


    Form in the left bar displays in a tree structure of the folder ImagesData. There are three numbers behind folder name:

    1) number of used files (folders with used files are highlighted with agreen background colour)

    2) number of pictures in the particular folder

    3) number of pictures in the particular folder and all its subfolders


    Buttons on toolbar

    Name Description
    Read again Reads again the folder structure
    Open Opens folder, that is curently selected, in Windows Explorer
    Delete files Deletes all teh files from selected folder, that are not used - i.e. it will not delete pictures highlighted by green.
    Transfer Opens form for picture transfer.

    Non-existing files

    There is item Non-existing files in the bottom part of the tree. These are pictures that have a link in the database but do not exist on disk. After clicking on such file list of links, showing where the picture is used, is displayed in the right bar.

    Used pictures

    Form displays pictures and names of folders highlighted in green if the given folder is used in data - i.e. somewhere in administration or in a class in column of type Picture. After clicking on the given picture, list of links is displayed in the right bar. After clicking on the link given administration object or class record where the picture is used, is displayed.

    Picture transfer

    Form enables transfer of files both in the folder and in the data. Transfer can be executed with a selected folder or just with a particular file. The transfer is used to change the picture structure on disk.


    Transfer can be performed by several ways:

    • Transfer to new folder - transfers pictures to the new folder
    • Copy to new folder - copies pictures to the new folder - pictures then will be both in the original and new folder
    • Do not transfer - pictures on disk will not be touched

     Option Change in in data to the new folder ensures an immediate change of the path to the folder in data. After changing the path in data original pictures can be deleted.