1. Rules

    Article: AN0002266Updated:

    You can see rules of the given class on this page. Rules can be filtered according to the type of action in order to find the relevant rules.


    Icon Description
    It leads to the class detail.
    It leads to the page for a new rule entry.
    Reload of the list of rules.

    Grid - list of rules

    • Id - Rule identifier.
    • Code - Code of the rule.
    • Event type - Type of event by which rule is applied.
    • Action type - Type of action that the rule performs.
    • Master-detail relation - Indication, which master-detail relation the rule is valid for.
    • Description - Description of the rule.
    • Enabled - It informs wheather the rule is enabled and therefore active.
    • Order - It informs about the order of the rule evaluation. Rules with higher order are evaluated later and in case of collision with rules of the lower order get priority.
    • Red cross - Deletion of the rule