1. Quick filter

    Article: AN0002257Updated: 29.03.2019

    You can set the quick filter of the selected class for use on the page with list of records of the class.


    Icon Description
    Return to the class detail.
    Saving settings.

    Selection of columns (and possibly their default values) for the quick filter

    • Display - By checking the control "Display" you choose the selected column for use in the quick filter.
    • Name - By stating a text in the control "Name", you set the name of element in the quick filter (if it is not filled in, column name will be used).
    • New row - By checking the control "New row" corresponding element of the quick filter (and all following after it) will be placed in a new row.
    • Number of columns - Defines number of elements of the quick filter, over which the selected control will be displayed. This will show only by quick filter with more rows.
    • Default value - Value that will be filled in the quick filter and records filtered according to it.

    Change of column order

    You can change the order of the columns displayed in the Quick filter by drag and drop of the icon behind the column name.