1. The list of class records

    Article: AN0002125Updated: 04.10.2018

    There is a list of records found in the given class or query displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Displays a form for creating a new record.
    Updates the list of records.
    Displayes a form for entering a mass update. The icon is available only if the mass update is enabled in the class definition and the user has necessary access rights.
    Displays a form for mass deletion of currently filtered records. The icon is available only if the mass deletion is enabled in the class definition and the user has necessary access rights.
    Displays records in the class in form of calendar. The icon is available only if Enable calendar display is activated in the class definition.


    • If there is a quick filter defined in the class, it will be displayed above the list of records.
    • The filter can include default values if they are set in the filter definition.
    • The user can set requested values in the defined controls and apply the filter to the list of records by clicking on the Filter button.
    • The button Clear the filter is used to remove all the values from the filter and to display all the records.

    Filtering possibilities are described here.

    Functions for the page

    • Display records - enables to define, how many records shall be displayed in the record list. Every user can choose its own setting.
    • Detailed listing / Table listing  - Switches to display of the detailed listing / table listing.
    • Export of records to Excel  - Performs load of all the records to Excel. Export to Excel can be also raised by adding parameter &export=excel into URL of page datas.aspx.
    • RSS  - Displays a page with RSS channel according to the RSS settings of the given class. This option is available only if there is RSS enabled in the class definition.
    • Audit trail  - It displays archive of records. This option is available only if there is archive display in the list of records enabled in the class definition.
    • Templates - Displays page with existing templates. Templates can be modified and used for a new record.
    • Copy url - function opens a new window with current page URL. If there is also filter defined, then it is added to the URL. You can copy it by CTRL + C into clip board for further use.

    Grid - list of records

    • Row numbers - If the class has defined "Display row numbering in the list", there will be a column with number of the row in the list displayed in front of the column with Id.
    • Id - Record identifier. If there is detail display enabled and the user has access right to display it, it goes to a detail display (form) of the record.
    • Next columns (attributes) are determined for display in the list of records
      • There are those columns displayed that have in their definition "Display in the list" enabled.
      • The value in the column can work as a link if it is set in the column definition.
      • If the class has "Enable sorting" set, data can be sorted by clicking on the column heading in the grid according to the given column, and that in asceding or descending order after repeated clicking.
      • References to logically deleted records in columns Value from a referenced class are displayed in white script on a grey background. This applies both to references to records of other classes and references to users, simple references and references to more records. This formatting is prioritized over eventual formatting based on class rule and can be found in list of records, record detail, in filter and also in a row of other ObjectGears system screens, where references to users are used. The way of display is shown in examples.
    • Red cross - Record deletion


    Links to pages with further records in the botttom part of the screen

    Visual distinguishing of displayed records is described in examples.