1. List of parameters

    Article: AN0002120Updated:

    There is list of parameters defined in the ObjectGears instance displayed on this page. 


    Icon Description
    New text - Creation of a new parameter of the text type.
    New number - Creation of a new parameter of the integer type.
    New decimal - Creation of a new parameter of the decimal type.
    New date - Creation of the a parameter of the date type.
    New sign (Yes/No) - Creation of a new parameter Yes/No.

    Grid - list of parameters

    • Modify - Switches to the mode of parameter modification.
    • Name - Parameter name.
    • Code - Parameter code.
    • Type - Data type of the parameter.
    • Value - Parameter value.
    • Description - Parameter description.
    • Red cross - Parameter deletion.

    In the mode of the parameter adjustment the parameter is displayed in the red. In the controls Code and Value enter by its change or creation its code and value.