1. Version Controlled Documentation - Reader functionality

    Article: AN0002349Updated: 05.11.2018

    Searching articles

    User starts article search by entering the defined text into the text box in the upper right corner or in the middle of the main screen (the first option is always available, the second option is not available when particular article is displayed).

    User can search articles also by tags which are keywords by which articles can be marked. If the user reads the article and clicks on tag bych which the article is marked in the upper part, list of all the articles having such tag is displayed.

    List of all tags is available from the main page of the Version Controlled Documentation after clicking on text List of tags.

    Article search can be initiated also by means of url call. Articles with the searched text or searched tag are returned:

    1. …/vcd/search/searched_text
    2. …/vcd/search/tag/searched_tag

    Search results are displayed in the following way.

    Order of the found articles

    Order of the articles returned after search reflects frequency of the text in particular article parts (tag, keywords, article title, metadescription, article text).

    Article evaluation

    User can evaluate articles on scale 1-5. The evaluation is stored and can be used for reporting.