1. Scrip block detail

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    There is detail of script block displayed on this page. Functions defined in the script block can be repeatedly used - referred in other scripts. One logic can be so defined in one place only.


    Icon Description
    Return to the list of script blocks.
    Creation of the new script block.
    Saving script block changes.
    Deletion of script block.
    It goes to the list of depending objects.

    Section: Basic properties

    • Model - Model into which the script block belongs to.
    • Code - Script block code.
    • Name - Script block name.
    • Enabled - Information whether the script block is enabled.
    • Client script - Information whether it is client script (executed on client after downloading the page).
    • Note - Note to the script.
    • Script - Text of the script.

    Section: Audit trail

    • Created by - User that created the record (script block).
    • Created when - Date and time of record (script block) creation.
    • Changed by - User that changed whatever data in the record (script block) the last time.
    • Changed when - Date and time of the last change in the record (script block).