1. Case study: Quiz - requirements

    Article: AN0002355Updated: 05.11.2018

    We will start application design with making a list of requirements.

    We want to provide visitors of our congress booth with a quiz, get their interest and make them familiar with our services, products, solutions...They will be motivated by being included in a drawing with a possibility to win certain prize.

    Filling the quiz will be done together with our team member on our device. Therefore, our team member will be logged into the application and the visitor will just enter his/her name, email and for particular questions select the right answer from the offered answers.

    We have to inform the user about his/her consent with processing personal data (name, email) for the purposes of drawing the winner.

    Further, we will need a screen with a button in case the drawn visitor would not be present at the time of the drawing any more and therefore we would like to repeat the drawing.