1. Example: Webpart Percentage value display

    Article: AN0002371Updated: 04.11.2018

    This webpart is suitable for visualization of the key metrics that users should focus on. The webpart itself can help us to increase team performance. Since Hawthorn effect was formulated, we know that people do their best if they know somebody is interested in their job and they can influence the metrics.

    We will probably typically display a share that we achieve versus plan, i.e. a percentage value.

    We provide several tips for this webpart below.

    Placement of the webpart in the page

    This webpart is very flexible in adapting to the page. By defining number of columns, in which the metrics should be displayed, we can get a get  a horizontal webpart (see above) or another shape like vertical or square one.

    Displaying absolute numbers

    If we want to display an absolute number (e.g. number of tasks) we check off the option Display percents and set Maximum value to 0.

    However, also in case of numbers it makes sometimes sense to keep the progress indicator in form of the circle. In the webpart we can set both values to be displayed and maximum values. You just use a query as a data source returning e.g. current number of open tasks in particular projects and also a total number of tasks in the given projects. We set the second number as the Maximum value and the circle bar then display progress of task fulfilment.

    Link to displaying detailed data

    The source of the data for the webpart can also include URL to detailed data that represent the total displayed value. After clicking on the given circle all the records to process can be filtered.

    Example: Articles without texts