1. Encoding of output files

    Article: AN0002426Updated: 19.04.2020

    Files produced by ObjectGears Infrastructure functions or your custom outputs by Powershell or third party vendors can have various encoding. If you want to import data from these files into ObjectGears you have to set the given encoding in the import settings.

    Below is an overview of standard encoding used for creation of files from Powershell (Microsoft.Powershell.Utility Out-File) and corresponding encoding in ObjectGears import.

    Powershell encoding Encoding in ObjectGears import
    ASCII 20127 - US -ASCII
    BigEndianUnicode 1201 - Unicode (Big Endian)
    OEM 437 - OEM United States
    855 - OEM Cyrillic
    858 - OEM Multilingual Latin I
    Unicode 1200 - Unicode
    UTF7 65000 - Unicode (UTF-7)
    UTF8 65001 - Unicode (UTF-8)
    UTF32 12000 - Unicode (UTF-32)