1. Detail of settings of My tasks

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    There is detail of task setting on this page. 


    Icon Description
    Back to the list of settings of tasks.
    Creation of a new tasks.
    Saving the task setting.
    Deletion of task setting.
    Audit trail

     Section: Basic properties

    • Code - Code of the task settings.
    • Category - Task category.
    • Model - Model, which the class with tasks belongs to.
    • Class - Class with tasks.
    • Column Assigned - Column with user to whom the task is assigned.
    • Column Completed - Column with the value of task completion.
    • Column Completion date - Columns with planned task completion date.
    • Data selection - Filter for records that represent tasks.

    Section: Audit trail

    • There is system information about the record displayed in this part: who and when created, who and when modified the record the last time.
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