1. System layer

    Article: AN0002418Updated: 11.04.2020

    The main entity of the system layer is Machine (server OS). Then file system of server, certificates, scheduled tasks, local groups and services running on servers. The class Machine (server OS) has relationships also with entities from other layers (entities highlighted with a colored strip). These are:

    Because Machine (server OS) and other classes of the system layer are configuration items (in the below scheme only the class Machine is showing relationship to the class of Configuration items), they have a relationship also to other layers - serviceprocessoperations and project layer.


    Below scheme represents only the major entities of the ObjectGears Configuration database system layer. In your particular case it may be suitable to adapt the scheme


    Entity Description
    Machine (OS server) This class deals with servers, but also clusters, farms, cluster services, systems running on appliances...These items are intangible entities defined by the operating system, not by a physical device.
    File system File systems used by the given server.
    PK certificates Certificates used in the infrastructure.
    Scheduled tasks Scheduled tasks on servers.
    Machine back-up Server back-up snapshots that were captured by back-up server.
    Services on machines Services running on the server.
    Local group Local groups defined on servers.
    Machine - LUN LUNs used by the server.
    Storage group - Host Relationship between server and Storage group.
    Application components Relationship to business application or its instance (role, which the particular server represents towards the application) - e.g. web server, application server, database server...It defines also the environment to which the component belongs (e.g. Development, Test, Acceptance, Production).
    Device Physical device, on which the server or appliance is running if it is physical server or appliance.
    Team Team responsible for the given server.


    Configuration database (CMDB) and process Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.