1. Class External system

    Article: AN0002512Updated: 18.01.2024


    Class contains the External system entity of the IT (CMDB) model solution, which represents external systems that are used by users or with which applications of the given organizations are exchanging data.

    Location and referencing

    Location Code Name
    Model it IT
    Class external-system External system
    Parent class ci
    Configuration items
    All applications
    Child classes    
    Script object OG.ClassDef.GetByCode(OGModel.Id, 'external-system')
    OG.ClassDef.GetByCode('it', 'external-system')


    Overview of class columns (excl. system columns, for inhereted columns see parent classes):

    Code Name Type Link information Description
    description Description Text   Description of external system.
    external_contact External contact Text   Contact data for the external system
    name Name Text   Name of external system.
    operator Operator Class link (simple) Operator Operator of external system.
    responsible Responsible User link (simple) User Uživatel zodpovědný za externí systém.

    Quick filter

    In order users can easily filter the records some columns are selected for a Quick filter.

    Master/detail relations

    Code Column Placement Bookmark name Type
    code_255 Article - Configuration items Below KB Reference to class

    Potential improvements

    You can improve the solution according to your needs. Here are some tips.

    Add new columns

    Add new columns, if you are going to need them. All classes that are a child of the Configuration Items class automatically inherit them.

    Add buttons

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