1. Class Capabilities

    Article: AN0002517Updated: 21.01.2024


    Class contains the Capabilities entity of the IT (CMDB) model solution. You can get more information about business capabilities in this article.

    Location and referencing

    Location Code Name
    Model it IT
    Class capabilities Capabilities
    Parent class    
    Child classes    
    Script object OG.ClassDef.GetByCode(OGModel.Id, 'capabilities')
    OG.ClassDef.GetByCode('it', 'capabilities')


    Overview of class columns (excl. system columns):

    Code Name Type Link information Description
    capability_strategy Capability strategy Class link (simple) Capability strategy Strategic importance of the capability (Commodity, Diversification, Innovation).
    cl_capabilities Capabilities - Parent Revers class link (multiple) Capabilities
    Automatically created column.
    cl_capabilities_2 Application - Supports capabilities Revers class link (multiple) Application
    Automatically created column.
    code Code Text   Code of the capability.
    color Colour Colour   Background colour for the graphical representation.
    current_maturity_level Current maturity level Class link (simple) COBIT:Generic Maturity Model Current maturity level of the capability (Non-existent, Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed, Optimised).
    name Name Text   Name of the capability.
    order Order Integer   Order of the capability for the graphical representation.
    parent Parent Class link (simple) Capabilities parent capabilita in the hierarchy of capabilities.
    target_maturity_level Target maturity level Class link (simple) COBIT:Generic Maturity Model Target maturity level, které chce organizace dosáhnout (Non-existent, Initial, Repeatable, Defined, Managed, Optimised).

    Quick filter

    In order users can easily filter the records some columns are selected for a Quick filter.

    Master/detail relations

    Code Column Placement Bookmark name Type
    children Capabilities - Parent Below Child capabilities Reference to class
    supporting_applications Application - Supports capabilities Below Supporting applications Reference to class


    Ikona Kód Název Pořadí Popis
    supporting_applications Supporting applications 40 Displays scheme of applications that support in the organization the given capability.

    Potential improvements

    You can improve the solution according to your needs. Here are some tips.

    Add new columns

    Add new columns, if you are going to need them.

    Add buttons

    Add new buttons to automate edits that you would otherwise make one at a time.