1. List of fulltext indeces

    Article: AN0002200Updated:

    There is list of fulltext indeces in ObjectGears instance displayed on this page.

    Display indices for model

    Selection of model, for which fulltext indices shall be displayed.


    List of fulltext indices.

    • Model - Model, to which class with fulltext index belongs.
    • Class - Class, to which column with fulltext index belongs.
    • Column - Column with fulltext index.
    • Language (LCID Dec) - Language of the fulltext index in the form of decimal value of Microsoft Locale ID.

    Section: Index new column

    This section will be displayed after selecting model in combobox Display indices for model.

    • Class - Selection of class, to which the column belongs, that shall be indexed.
    • Column - Selection of column, that shall be indexed. Only text columns are offered.
    • Language code - Determination of language, with which the index will work (decimal LCID code). This language must be enabled in the database. Columns of a single class must have same language in indices.
    • Button Add column into index - Adds column into index, if above stated conditions are met.