1. Script object OG.TimeLink

    Article: AN0002195Updated:

    This object offers functions for time links. Links can be created for whatever ID for an in advance defined validity.

    You can create the link by means of function Create and translate it back to ID by measns of function Translate. If the translation is performed after the end of the link validity, NULL is returned.

    Script functions


    Name Description
    Guid Create(string id, int validityInMinutes) Function creates link (guid) with validity according to the parameter validityInMinutes.
    string Translate( Guid guid) Function translates guid to the original ID.

    Object call


    Call example

    This call returns a new guid, whch is valid 20 minutes.

    var g = OG.TimeLink.Create(25, 20);

    Reverse translation of guid to ID.

    var id = OG.TimeLink.Translate( g);