1. Template detail

    Article: AN0002123Updated: 09.09.2018

    There is template detail displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    It leads to the list of records of the given class.
    Switch to the page for a new record entering. Values from the template will be taken over in the new record. (If you are using set up of values for a new record by means of Rule or Script for class detail, values from the template may be overwritten by these values.)

    Grid - list of templates

    • Id - Template identifier. It leads to the template detail.
    • Name - Name of the template
    • Global - Information, wheather it is a global template. Global templates are displayed to all the users.
    • Author - User that created the template.
    • New - Opens a form with a new record with values filled-in according to the template.
    • Red cross - Template deletion.