1. Custom CSS styles

    Article: AN0002441Updated: 23.08.2020

    You can use your custom CSS styles in ObjectGears pages.

    Below example shows set up of the background colour for a webpart in a page.

    You can define CSS styles  in files (if you plan to use them in more pages or if they should depend on theme) or in webpart Script (if the given style should be used just in the particular page).

    Example of the style definition by means of webpart Script

    Add webpart Script into the page. Delete its property Title and take out check for Display webpart style in order this ebpart is not displayed in the page. In the tab Styles define the custom style. E.g.:

      background-color: grey;
    /* odd rows in the list of records */
    .myclass table.grid > tbody > tr {
      background: #E5FFCC;

    /* even rows in the list of records */
    .myclass table.grid > tbody > tr:not(.gtr):not(.gtral):nth-of-type(2n+1),
      background: #CCFF99;

    Example of using style in the webpart

    In the webpart, that should use the style, state the class in the property CSS class.

    The style is then used when the page is displayed (in our example grey background of the webpart and green background of the rows in the grid).