1. Circle with user initials

    Article: AN0002459Updated: 26.05.2021

    User icon is represented with a coloured circle with initials. (The circle with initials is replaced by user image, if ObjectGears is configured in such a way and the given user has an image selected.)

    Initials are defined by the first letter in the first and in the second word in the field Display name. The colour is selected randomly.

    If the the randomly selected colour does not suit well for the given user, ObjectGears Administrator can change it by means of a script executed in the Script window (menu Administration - System - Script window).

    Example: Below stated script sets colour RGB (50,84,196) to the user with Id 202. We convert the RGB code of the colour to .Net code of the colour with formula 65536*R + 256*G + B and we get 3298500.

    OG.Sql.RunSql('UPDATE [Person] SET [InitialsColor] = 3298500 WHERE Id = 202')