1. Class PK certificates

    Article: AN0002431Updated: 12.01.2024


    PK certificates are one entities of the system layer of the Configuration database. They keep information about server certificates.

    Automated data import

    This entity can be filled in automatically by means of infrastructure function OG_Server_Certificates

    Location and referencing

    Location Code Name
    Model it IT
    Class pk-certficates PK certificates
    Parent class ci Configuration items
    Child classes    
    Script object OG.ClassDef.GetByCode(OGModel.Id, 'pk-certficates')
    OG.ClassDef.GetByCode('it', 'pk-certficates')


    Overview of class columns (excl. system columns, for inhereted columns see parent classes):

    Code Name Type Link information Description
    ca CA Text   Certification authority, that has issued the certificate.
    certificate-type PK certificate type Class link (simple) PK certificate type Type of certificate (Personal, Device).
    certificate-use PK certificate use Class link (multiple) PK certificate use Use of certificate (Device authentication, Digital signature, Encryption, User authentication).
    comment Comment Text   Comment to certificate..
    distribution Certificate distribution Class link (multiple) Machine (OS Server) Reference to servers and workstations (Machine (OS Server)), to which the certificate was distributed.
    dns-name DNS name Text   DNS name used in certificate.
    expires-on Expires on Date and time   Date of certificate expiry.
    hash-algorithm Hash algorithm Text   Hash algorithm used in certificate.
    issue-date Issue date Date and time   Date of certificate issuance.
    machine Machine (OS server) Class link (simple) Machine (OS Server) Server, for which the certificate was issued.
    name Name Text   Name of certificate.
    organization-name Organization name Text   Name of organization, for which the certificate was issued.
    registration-email Registration e-mail Text   Registration email stated in the request for certificate.
    serial-number Serial number Text   Serial number of the certificate.
    used-by-application Used by application Class link (simple) All applications Application, that is using the certificate (e.g. for signing documents that were generated).
    valid Valid True/untrue   Indicates, that the certificate is valid (has not been revoked).

    Quick filter

    In order users can easily filter the records some columns are selected for a Quick filter.

    Master/detail relations

    Code Column Placement Bookmark name Type
    code_269 Article - Configuration items BelowKB   Reference to class

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