1. PK certificates

    Article: AN0002431Updated: 02.05.2020

    PK certificates are one entities of the system layer of the Configuration database. They keep information about server certificates.

    Automated data import

    This entity can be filled in automatically by means of infrastructure function OG_Server_Certificates

    The main properties of the class PK certificates

    Property Description
    Code (code) Code that each Configuration item is automatically assigned. Property inherited from  the parent class Configuration item.
    CA (ca) Certification authority, that has issued the certificate.
    PK certificate type (certificate-type) Type of certificate (Personal, Device).
    PK certificate use (certificate-use) Use of certificate (Device authentication, Digital signature, Encryption, User authentication).
    Comment (comment) Comment to certificate.
    Certificate distribution (distribution) Reference to servers and workstations (Machine (OS Server)), to which the certificate was distributed.
    DNS name (dns-name) DNS name used in certificate.
    Expires on (expires-on) Date of certificate expiry.
    Hash algorithm (hash-algorithm) Hash algorithm used in certificate.
    Issue date (issue-date) Date of certificate issuance.
    Machine (OS Server) (machine) Server, for which the certificate was issued.
    Name (name) Name of certificate.
    Organization name (organization-name) Name of organization, for which the certificate was issued.
    Registration e-mail (registration-email) Registration email stated in the request for certificate.
    Serial number (serial-number) Serial number of the certificate.
    Used by application (used-by-application) Application, that is using the certificate (e.g. for signing documents that were generated).
    Valid (valid) Indicates, that the certificate is valid (has not been revoked).


    Configuration database (CMDB) and process Configuration management are introduced also in the ObjectGears website.