1. Portfolio

    Article: AN0002485Updated: 03.02.2023

    A project portfolio often consists of dozens or hundreds of different projects, which are grouped into programs and portfolios. This also includes the initial phases of the project cycle, Ideas and Opportunities, and types of changes that have a less formalized course, often called Small Change, Linear Change, etc.

    Keeping track of these entities in the form of a list of records is fine, but visualization can help with understanding dependencies. Entities often have a superior relationship, where, for example, a project belongs to a program, a program to a portfolio, etc. This visualization will help us when deciding on the prioritization of portfolios. With the ability to update items by dragging values ??from the menu and drill down to record detail, we draw users into portfolio management more than when updating a list in Excel.

    Inclusion in a parent program or portfolio is visualized by framing the parent item. Activity types are distinguished by an icon.

    After clicking on an item, a context menu is available. You can edit the item (go to the details of the record), delete it and perform other actions according to the configuration.

    Projects and other elements can be categorized and distinguished by color.

    Depending on the type of activity...

    According to financial need...

    According to the owner/person in charge...

    You can also drag the properties from the left column to the visualized items, in cases where they represent a specific value from the column, and thus update them.

    Of course, you can switch to the detail of the record from the visualized item and work with all the links and processes offered by the configuration database.