1. Case study: Record baseline

    Article: AN0002412Updated: 08.03.2020

    In certain cases we may want to compare actual and planned (validated) record status (baseline). It is a frequent scenario e.g. from Configuration management.

    As an example we will take overview of servers that are created in IT with an initial configuration that was approved but which can change during the server life cycle. Even if we have configuration change management in place, real life brings changes that were not authorized.

    In this case study we will show how to identify changes and how to notify people that are responsible for the concerned items. Our goal is to provide following funcionality:

    1. When openning the server record a message is displayed informing user about discrepancy, if there is any, between baseline and actual status.
    2. User can see details on tab Baseline, which displays clearly planned and actual values and highlights deviations. In our example we will focus on:
      1. CPU
      2. RAM
      3. DHCP reservation
      4. Actual node, on which the server is running
      5. Failover node
      6. Patch category
    3. User with the given role (System administrator) will have also a button available by means of which he or she can declare actual status as approved (baseline).

    Final screen is below.