1. Micromodels: Survey

    Article: AN0002364Updated: 04.11.2018

    Micromodel Survey is a simple application by which users can answer simple questions or fill in required data.

    Use this survey in case you need to get answers to several questions from all users or from a certain user group.
    After customization you can use this survey e.g. also for annual employee assessment.

    Advantages of the ObjectGears survey towards similar internet services:

    • your data will stay in the company
    • implementation within couple of minutes
    • no need to purchase anything
    • you can link it with data already existing in ObjectGears
    • you can create reports and monitor how users are responding

    Every user will receive same URL for one particular survey. The application will take care of creating one record for each user and this record will be returned to the user at a repeated request. Users can simply update the data if they change their mind. Survey owner can of course lock the data at any point of time.

    The survey is used for all authenticated users.

    The below screen is displayed to the user for entering/updating the requested data.

    User with a special role (survey owner) can display also an overall overview of all the users` responses and export it to CSV or Excel for further processing. Survey owner can also browse the records and correct mistakes.