1. Micromodels: Quiz

    Article: AN0002363Updated: 04.11.2018

    Micromodel Quiz is a simple application, in which users can respond to questions and save their answers. Later on we can draw a random winner by means of this application. We can operate this solution also in the free version of ObjectGears.

    This application can be used e.g. in a congress where we address visitors and invite them to fill in the quiz on tablet. They are motivated by winning in the drawing phase. This allows us to make the visitors familiar with our products/services.

    Answers can be inserted from more devices (PC, tablet...) at the same time. The contestant provides name and email tt the end of the quiz. However, after a simple script modification also other data can be collected (from where they are, how they learned about us, job, sex...).

    Application contains two main pages.

    1. Page for selecting an answer and entering contact information for the drawing phase.

    Logo and the picture can be simply adapted to your needs. You can have as many questions as you want and you can provide up to seven possible answers to choose from (after modification even more).

    1. Page for drawing from correct answers.

    After pressing button Draw a random winner is picked up.
    The page displays how many contestants participated and how many responded correctly.

    The drawing can be influenced by means of a parameter. We have two choices:

    1. One drawing. Another one is not possible. Use it when you want to draw also somebody who is not in the event anymore and you will mail them the prize.
    2. Possibility to draw repeatedly. Use e.g. when you want to draw only among present contestants. If somebody was drawn and he/she is not present, you can repeat the drawing.

    Page with a displayed winner after presing the button Draw.