1. User detail

    Article: AN0002251Updated: 29.10.2022

    There is detail of the user displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Return to the list of users.
    Creation of a new user.
    Saving changes in the record.
    User deletion
    User access log - It leads to the log of user access. The icon is available for administrator only.
    Reference to user - It leads to the page displaying selected usage of user in models.
    Delegation - It leads to the page displaying user delegation.
    Cancel deletion - It enables to activate again a user that was deleted. This icon is displayed at records with deleted users only.

    Tab: Basic properties

    Section: Basic properties

    • Account - Name of the account that the user logs in with.
    • Alternative accounts - User accounts that the user can also use. This field is displayed only when Windows autentication is used.
    • Code - User code.
    • Display name - Full name of the user. This name is displayed in the references to the user. It should be clear out of it which user it represents.
    • First name - First name of the user.
    • Last name - Last name of the user.
    • Email - Email of the user.
    • Login enabled - Information, wheather the user can login.
    • Locked account - Information, wheather the user account is locked.
    • Language for notifications - Definition of a language, in which notifications shall be sent to the user.
    • Language for application - Definition of the language, in which the application shall be presented to the user. This setting determines also decimal separator.
    • Send emails - Information, wheather email notifications shall be sent to the user.
    • Send SMS - Information, wheather email notifications shall be sent to the user.
    • Default page - The page that shall be displayed to the user as a default one (instead of Default.aspx). If there is no page selected for the user or he/she do not have access right for it anymore, the default page defined for the ObjectGears instance is displayed.
    • Last logon time - Date and time of the last logon of the user

    Section: Audit trail

    • In this part there is system information about the record displayed: who and when created, who and when modified the last time, or as the case my be (by logically deleted records) who and when deleted the record.
    • Section audit information is in the default state minimized. You can display it or minimize again by clicking on its title "Audit trail".

    Tab: Role

    Section: List of roles

    There are roles displayed that the user is member of.

    You can assign a new role to the user by selecting a new role and clicking on assign.

    Tab: User groups

    Section: User groups

    • List of groups of which the user is a member.