1. Detail of the job step

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    There is detail of a job step displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Return to the list of jobs.
    Creation of a new job step.
    Saving changes in the jon step.
    Deletion of the job step.

    Section: Basic properties

    • Name - Name of the step
    • Comment - Place for a comment.
    • Enabled - Information, wheather the step is enabled
    • Type - Selection of the type of action that shall be carried out.

    Depending on the selected type combo with existing objects (imports, exports, workflow, jobs, procedures) or text field for entering URL, script or command for the command shell.

    • Action after job success - Selection of action after successful step execution.
    • Action after job failure - Selection of action after step failure.

    Section: Audit information

    Information who and when created the step and who and when changed the step the last time.