1. List of emails

    Article: AN0002139Updated: 20.11.2020

    There is list of emails sent from ObjectGears instance displayed on this page. This page is available to administrator only.


    Icon Description
    Update of list of emails.


    Filtering of sent emails by:

    • To
    • Subject
    • Created from
    • Created to

    Grid - list of emails

    - It indicates, that the email was successfuly sent.

    - It indicates an error during email sending.

     - It indicates that email sending is not configured.

    • Id - Email identifier. It leads to email details.
    • IN/OUT - It indicates whether it is an incoming or outgoing email.
    • To - Email recipient.
    • Subject - Email subject.
    • Type - Email type
    • HTML - It determines, wheather the email was sent in HTML format.
    • Owner - Object that caused the email sending.
    • Attachments - Number of attachments in the email.
    • Sent by - Date of email creation.
    • Sent on - Date of sending the email.

    If the time between email creation and email sending greator than 10 minutes, time time is higligted in red. This indicates fast email generation or slow email sending. If such an situation occurs more frequently, it needs to be solved (configuration of winservice or server, on which it runs, configuration of smtp server, revision of events that generate a notification...).