1. Scheme detail

    Article: AN0002127Updated: 10.04.2024

    There is scheme detail displayed on this page.


    Icon Description
    Return to the scheme list.
    Creation of a new scheme.
    Saving changes in the scheme.
    Scheme deletion.

    Section: Basic properties

    • Class - The name of the class, in which the scheme is defined.
    • Id - Internal identifier
    • Code -Scheme identifier, which is used by export and import of model metadata between various application instances.
    • Name - Name of the schem.
    • Default - It defines whether the scheme is a default class scheme.
    • Display the Id of the record in the block header - Indicates, whether record Id should be displayed in the block header.
    • Display mode
      • Standard - Generates layout of objects automatically.
      • With the direction of displaying objects - Reflects setting of direction of more objects display from the Objects settings in the scheme design.
    • Display of text at relations - Determines, whether the defined relation texts should be displayed in the scheme.
    • Description - Description of the scheme.
    • Script - Script for modification of the scheme.

    Section: Audit records

    • Created by - User that created the record (scheme)
    • Created on - Date and time of the record (scheme) creation
    • Last changed by - User that made the last modification of any data in the record (scheme)
    • Last changed on - Date and time of the last change of the record (scheme)

    TAB - Roles and display

    Section: List of roles

    • Role - Definition of the access right type to the given scheme for roles working with model. Access rights can be assigned only to roles enabled for the model, to which the scheme belongs to.
    • Operations - Definition of possible activities for the selected role:
      • Display (ignoring access rights to the classes) - user is authorized to display the scheme even if they do not have access rights to display scheme objects (classes).